Our community is a “work in progress”:  We don’t have a fancy mission statement, but we do have a commitment to “walk together in the way of Jesus.”  Like the disciples, we are trying to follow in Jesus’ footsteps (and we are trying to keep up!).  We know that this journey we share is a life-long path.  As we walk together, we will share the path with different people at different times, and we believe that each person with whom we share the path of faith and life gives us a wider glimpse of God’s grace and God’s call for us to live abundantly.

We are challenged as a faith community to open our eyes and hearts to needs and opportunities for transformation right here in the Kansas City Metro area.  Each Living Room Group forms around a shared mission, and as a regular, spiritual practice, the small group engages in that mission. 

Sometimes, just watching the nightly news is overwhelming.  We pray to God “…. Your Kingdom, come, on earth as it is in heaven…” and yet the injustice and poverty and violence in the world seems so far away from the world of justice, love, and peace that God is calling us to.  And some mission seems beyond our capability to make a difference.  So we find ways to contribute to mission that is bigger than we can accomplish on our own as a new faith community.  We choose to join with other churches in shared mission in our city, throughout the Midwest, and across the globe.  We do so through the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region, American Baptist Churches—USA, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Faith and Justice Churches, and other organizations.

Want to join us in our mission to serve our community? Drop us a note through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and we'll get you connected. You can also join our mission by giving a financial gift to Journey Community Church. Simply click the "Give Here" button to find out how.