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“We walk together in the way of Jesus.”  One of the ways we walk together is through our our Living Room Groups.   Whether our small groups meet at the church, at a restaurant, coffeehouse, or in a family's home, we consider “living room” to be more about the attitude of the group, rather than a physical space.   Each small group has the freedom to explore issues of faith and life, support one another, serve in mission together, and learn and grow together as we explore the Bible, spiritual practices from throughout the history of the church, and live out God's call to Go, Love, Serve. 

Each Living Room Group is encouraged to choose a local mission or group priority as a primary way to live out our faith in a tangible way.  You are free to choose which group to connect with based on how you would like to be challenged or which outward mission you want to be a part of.  As the community forms around shared ministries, it is amazing to see how a diverse group of people can come together with a common cause.  We break bread together, we find strength and renewal in one another, and together we learn, grow, and serve as we walk together!